Miquel Brown

Miquel Brown

Miquel Brown, born Michael Brown in Montreal, was raised in Vancouver, Canada. She changed to Miquel so people wouldn't confuse her with a guy, a ploy that didn't help much since she kept her hair very short. Her parents wanted her to be a doctor but she had entertainment on the brain and frequented nightclubs without their knowledge. On Summer break from the University of Washington, where she was studying medicine, she got her first break. She auditioned for Hair in Detroit and landed the part of Sheila and toured with the cast all over the States. She never went back to the University of Washington.

In the early 70's, Miquel arrived in Britain and gigged as a singer, while landing small parts in movies like Rollerball, and musicals, Mardi Gras. She recorded her first record &"The First Time Around," in the late 70's. Since then Miquel's enjoyed an impressive list of albums on TSR, Record Shack, Hot Productions, Polydor, and other labels. Her single &"So Many Men, So Little Time" produced by Ian Levine scored well in Great Britain. Before that she enjoyed minor hits with &"Symphony Of Love," in 1978 and for Record Shack Records &"He's A Saint, He's A Sinner," &"Black Leather," and &"Close To Perfection." On later albums, Miquel changed from the short boyish cut to a more womanly hair style that left no doubt about her gender. Andrew Hamilton, All Music Guide

Manpower Manpower 1975 Hot Productions
Symphony of Love 1979 Polydor
Close to Perfection Close to Perfection 1985 Hot Productions
So Many Men, So Little Time So Many Men, So Little Time 1994 Unidisc
One Hundred Percent Miquel Brown 2006 Motorcity
Orgànic 2006 Sonifolk
Simply Miquel Brown 2006 Motorcity
So Many Men 2006 Motorcity
Very Best of Miquel Brown 2006 Motorcity


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