We present, with great pleasure, Dj Gior-Gee on Lazapipa Radio.

Funk: Dj Gior-Gee - Pre Fortuna Gold Party 2009 Mix
Select: Dj Gior-Gee - Rod Stewart Discografia
Digital: Dj Gior-Gee - Soulhouse Mix

Lazapipa Christmas Show 2009 from Dj Gior-Gee

Happy Christmas to all our listeners.
A special treat is the mix from Dj Gior-Gee, immediately followed by Dj Tommyjunior, for your festivities.

Dj Tommyjunior and his debut mix on Lazapipa Radio.

Direct from the Lazapipa Studio (Suburbs), also known as Dream Funk Studio, presents Dj Tommyjunior and the Lazapipa Radio’s Christmas Edition mix. This is Dj Tommyjunior’s first mix for Lazapipa Radio, to be followed by his non-seasonal mixes shortly.

Dj Gior-Gee - Sister Sledge Remix

Dj Gior-Gee’s Sister Sledge Remix now available on Funk Radio.

Incognito Tour Dates

Incognito Tour Dates

New "Sister Sledge Mix" surpise from  Adam Pataki.

A very tasty aperitif to the parties of the season-- "The Sister Sledge Mix", right now, for your listening pleasure, in the Funk Section.

Dj Gior-Gee is available this weekend on Lazapipa Radio on the Funk and Digital channel

Dj Gior-Gee new 4 hour program is available on the Lazapipa Rádió Funk channel. The Digital section there are 2 new mixes, soulhouse Mix Vol. 12 and 13.

Earth, Wind and Fire Founder Stricken With Parkinson's Disease, this was in 2000

Maurice White, founder, producer and co-leader of the legendary R&B group Earth, Wind and Fire, told RollingStone.com today that he is suffering from Parkinson's Disease. Although the fifty-eight-year-old musician was originally diagnosed with the degenerative neurological disease eight years ago, he opted to keep his condition a secret.

Dj Lewis Brown - Encore Mix

This weekend we have a very pleasant surprise from DJ Lewis Brown and his brand new mix is now available for your listening pleasure on the Lazapipa Radio Funk channel.

DJ Gior-Gee weekend special on Lazpipa Radio Funk and Digital channel!

A fantastic 4 hour set by DJ Gior-Gee now available as Lazapipa Mix Show 01 and on Radio Digital Volume 11, all strictly DJ Gior-Gee material.

Tina Turner at 70

"I've never been concerned about my age and even today I don't think like a
70 year old woman" stated Tina Turner, who yesterday completed her seventh
decade. The rock legend's eight year hiatus put her back on the stage just
when others are becoming friendly with their memories of the past. But to
her this milestone day is just the start of something new.

Vinyl-Junky Dj Tommyjunior with the Lazapipa Radio Dj group!!!

Lazapipa Radio DJ Group is growing rapidly, bigger and better, with the addition of DJ Tommy Junior who will shortly be mixing here, in person.

DJ Gior-Gee and his new mix Soulhouse Mix Volume 9 is now available on Rádio Digital

DJ Gior-Gee and his new mix Soulhouse Mix Volume 9 is now available on Rádio Digital

Lazapipa Radio proudly presents : A new DJ from London, UK "Dave 'Choccy D' Moore" broadcasts his first Mix for Lazapipa Radio.

Dave 'Choccy D' Moore from London, England, presents his fantastic first mix for Lazapipa Radio. Through a recommendation of DJ GiorGee he recently joined the Lazapipa Radio DJ Team and we welcome him with a big "virtual hand" !

George Benson Tour date in November 2009

Nov. 12 Yerevan, Armenia
Karen Demirchyan Sports and Concerts Complex
Nov. 14 Moscow, Russia
Kremlin Palace

New Mixes available on Funk Channel and Digital Radio channels

Continuing the series this weekend is a DJ Lewis Brown mix on the Funk Channel and on the Digital Channel, DJ Gior Gee's new mix, Soulhouse volume 8.

Corea, Clarke & White---The Power of Three Concert

The legendary Chick Corea group Return to Forever reformed last year and did a most succesful World Tour. Following this sucess, Chick Corea, Stanley Clarke, and Lenny White decided the time was right for the reformed jazz supergroup to be renamed Corea, Clarke and White.


While New Orleans jazz has improvised ensembles, when jazz started becoming popular in the 1920s and demand was growing for larger dance bands, it became necessary for ensembles to be written down, particularly when a group included more than three or four horns. Although swing largely began when Louis Armstrong joined Fletcher Henderson's Orchestra in 1924 and Don Redman began writing arrangements for the band that echoed the cornetist's relaxed phrases, the swing era officially started in 1935 when Benny Goodman's Orchestra caught on.

DJ Lewis Brown- Laza Funk Volume 1 available on Lazapipa Radio Funk Channel

A new mix debuts from the magic fingers of DJ Lewis Brown in Studio 62 from Nurnberg, DE on Radio Funk channel under the name of Laza Funk Volume 1.

Kirk Franklin Budapesten

2009. november 17, kezdés 19:30.
Sportmax rendezvénycsarnok (1123 Budapest, Csörsz u. 14-16.)
Előzenekar: Bolyki Balázs, közreműködik: Bársony Bálint.

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