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Dj Tibor Manzera

Tibor Manzera was born in Budapest on 12 September 1968. He started Dj-ing in 1983. After 3 years of practising he played together with Tamas Dworak in the bar of the then Hotel Buda Penta already in 1986, mainly vinyl. `Manzera` soon became a household name in the nightlife of Budapest and he played at most of the famous clubs (Randevu, Paradiso, Old Firenze, Margithid), to mention just a few.

Dj D22

Üdvözletem! Németh Zoltán a polgári nevem. 1983-ban születtem
Szabadszálláson. Gyermekkorom óta foglalkoztat a zene szeretete! 14 éves lehettem mikor a zenehallgatáson kívül a lemezek pörgetése is érdekelni kezdett.


Hello everyone. I'm KS, i was born into my small age, in Budapest. I'm 19 years old. Activly I have been playing music for 5 years. Nowdays I like mixing mostly House discs but sometimes I like amusing my listeners in Trance and R'n'B style.

”I wake up with music, and I go to bed with music.”

Dj Tommyjunior

My name is Tamás "Tommyjunior" Szárneczky. I was born 1975 at Székesfehérvár. Music infectid my life when I was just 10 years young. That time I started to record the tapes with an MK27 casette recorder. I have recorded from György Komjáthy's show "Just for young people" and from "The sunday coctail" show some music, which I've presented at some school parties.

Dj Spool

I am Dj Spool and my actual name is Gugi Béla, born in n1975.05.16 in Dunaújváros. I have been involved in music for 15 years and been playing live gigs 2 to 3 times per weeks in various clubs, discotheques and bars. In the beginning I played funky, soul, and disco from cassettes.

Dj FunkyLatyi

Originally this nick name” LATYI” belongs to a very famous comedian who lived in t he XX.century. The question is that how does it connect to Dj Funky Latyi? It’s easy..This comedian was his grandfather.

Count Zero

Count Zero has lived in 27 countries; he is, in essence, the penultimate “Nowhere Man”.

Dj Kato

This 33 year old has a couple of thousand “bakelite” record collection but he is not a Dj (“because everybody is a dj”) but rather “an entertainment wholesaler”.
He has a 15 year track-record , which include the following:

Dave 'Choccy D' Moore

Early 40's (ain't we all !!)
Started DJ'ing at a very young 14 doing partys for friends, and been hooked ever since.
Im originally from Bermondsey in Sth London & now live in kent.
Places i have worked include The Dun Cow, Oasis, Green Man, The Frog, Henry Cooper all down the world famous Old Kent Rd, Samsons, Gillys, Uncles, Sherwoods etc all around the Bermondsey area in South London

Andrija Jäger

My name is Andrija Jäger. I was born in 1990.04.24. at Budapest.
I am making music and organizing partys since the high school.
In the first times I used to play music with broken beats but afterall
I switched to a more cadent genre of the electronic music.
My style is different minimal.


A nevem Aurel. Budapesten születtem 1986.06.28-án. A zene mint fogalom igen fiatal korom óta foglalkoztat, a számokat mixelni eleinte kazettás magnóval próbáltam meg, de idővel rájöttem hogy leginkább egy lemezjátszóba kéne befektetnem. A bakelit számomra az igazi életérzés, bár a Cd lejátszók használatát sem vetem meg.

Dj Gior-Gee

DJ GiorGee started his DJ career in th 80s and worked in many clubs at that time :
1985 he started as a DJ in Nuernberg, Germany (Club Eiselt)
1987 he prepared his first Radio mix on "Radio Gong", Nuernberg
1987 he moved Discothek "Flair" in Nuernberg
1988 he finished his active DJ career at the Discothek "Boom" in Nuernberg

DJ GiorGee met many celebrities and worked with many club bands.
In 1987 he met Roger Troutman from Zapp (see picture).

Dj 5vös

I got tight contact with music in the grade school, I had a Christmas present from my parents but I get a cassette recorder instead of a motorcycle.
Later my music buff father built an amplifier and a loudspeaker for me.
When I was in the 8th of grade school I made the first matinee at the gym of the school, afterall I played at proms.

Dj Lewis Brown

Started his career inn the early 60s in Budapest Hungary and has been working in the music business for more than 30 years, mainly as DJ and Producer.

- 1980 he got his first DJ engagement and service contract in Berlin
- 1981 he worked in one of he biggest places in Germany (for more than 2000 people) in Plettenberg
- 1982 he moved to Siegen and worked in several clubs in West Germany.
- 1983 he has been appointed to join the internationally Disc Jockey Association (known Disco Mix Club,DMC) in UK
- 1984 he organized many international DJ meetings
- 1985 he had a guest appearance in Germany’s most famous Discotheque in Frankfurt (Dorian Gray).
- 1987 he was appointed to the best club DJ in Luxembourg from DMC.

Dj Adam Pataki

I got all of my technical and musical talents from my father. He used to get every of the new releases too like me.
In the grade school I was the amenable of the class partys. Later this was obvoius.
I feel myself lucky becaouse I could play at Fortuna Disco and at Excalibur in contempt of my age.
I met with Bárány Attila at the Skylight Camps and programs and we are still in a friendship. As so many people he helped me too at the road of my music career.

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