Dj Spool

Dj Spool

I am Dj Spool and my actual name is Gugi Béla, born in n1975.05.16 in Dunaújváros. I have been involved in music for 15 years and been playing live gigs 2 to 3 times per weeks in various clubs, discotheques and bars. In the beginning I played funky, soul, and disco from cassettes. I was introduced to electronic music in 1994-1995. Immediately I adjusted my musical tastes to the new sounds, my friends and I made a party mix called Killer Night which later became known as Hypnose. These were rock-hard techno parties at first. As the music evolved so did our sound, as well as the parties.

I even tried the disco life. Remix Disco in Dunaújváros was my venue for 2 years from 2004-2005. After this I received, on 2 occasions, invitations to play in the Ukraine which gave me great joy. 2006-2007 the Kontiki Disco in Dunaújváros, in the smaller hall I played electronica, break-beat and progressive house every Tuesday and Friday.

Saturdays I played Nu-jazz and Chillout at an “elite club” called the Cocktail Bar. In 2008 we brought together a team of 4 Djs (Grandy, Cortez, Derek, Spool) under the Quartet Sound Production name.

Since May 2009, I play at Duna fitt sportcentrum in bakafogdáj . My mix-board is a Pioneer CDJ 1000mk3 most often. I have played with some of the following: Matthew Dekay, Lexicon Avenue, Budai, Tommyboy, Zee, Miss Shiva, Ludmilla, Naga-Beta, stb….

Dj Spool - Funky Monkey Mix Vol 2 mixe került fel a Radio Funk műsorára

dj_spool_03_0.jpg Dj Spool - Funky Monkey Mix Vol 2 mixe került fel a Lazapipa Radio Funk műsorára!

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Dj Spool új lounge mix-e a Lounge radioban

Dj Spool új lounge mix-e a Lounge radioban

Dj Spool új mixével - Lounge Mix Vol. 4 - frissítettük a Lazapipa Radio Lounge csatornájának műsorát.

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Dj Spool's 2 hours long mix on Lazapipa Radio's Lounge chanel.

A fascinating 2 hours long collection from Dj Spool on Lazapipa Radio's Lounge Chanel.

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